Paraiso del Mar

Paraiso del Mar

In which I defer to John Milton.

This was the last leg of my 2-day trip from Los Angeles down to La Paz, so it was approaching sunset.  I had trouble getting directions to this dirt road which lead into the resort, and managed to spend 20 minutes at a gas station asking for directions. Because I was baking in the hot sun, I took off my camera (which I had been wearing around my neck) and put it on the back of the bike. Apparently I forgot to secure it before taking off again.

The dirt road in was brutal and I almost dropped the bike once in some heavy sand.

The first night, I decided to sleep outside on the patio. I fell asleep to the gentle sound of waves crashing on the ocean. Very lovely.

Woke up to the sunrise over the Gulf of California

Chris, Erica, and I woke up early and decided to go for a walk on the beach. We explored one of the condos that’s been stalled in construction for over 2 years.

I collected some seashells during our walk on the beach, after being inspired by Erica.

Saw a puffer fish past its prime.

The group all had errands to run – I went to pick up Vy from the airport, Chris and Erica went on a grocery/booze run, and the others went to figure out our plans for the boat rental the next day. Off the docks we went!

A guy on the shuttle with us was already going to the airport. He was super nice – took me to the airport and offered to bring Vy and I back, saving me over $100 in taxi charges! On the way, I noticed a police bike – the same bike that Mike was riding on the way down.

Yours truly enjoying a margarita in the hot tub.

Transportation couldn’t fit all of us into one of the usual extended EV carts, so they sent a pickup truck and we all jumped in the back.

One of many sculptures on the malecon.

Weird seeing a Christmas theme next to palm trees.


After the bike ride we tried to go kayaking and it was…a massive failure.

We decided to walk on the beach and try to explore that stalled building to catch the sunset.

I tried to cause some mischief, but it seemed that the power had been cut to the crane a while ago. Also, the instructions were in German and I didn’t have Bjoern with me.

Waiting at the docks for the water taxi…which turned out to be way too small.

And this is why I didn’t like the dirt road. If you go too fast, it vibrates the hell out of the bike. If you go too slow, well…you don’t go anywhere! It’s only 14km, but Bob said that he takes an hour and a half to do it in his motorhome because he can’t go any faster without shaking apart his rig.

Some points were too sandy for me to feel safe about having Vy on the back, so I kicked her off and made her walk a little bit. Though I do enjoy having photos of the bike from a different perspective.

Someone had some fun with the cow warning signs.





So we’ll see what happens with this place, but I can’t imagine it lasting much longer.  For some reason I imagine people checking it out as an abandoned property 50 years from now, the remnants of a Paradise (financially) Lost.

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