Oklahoma City National Memorial

Oklahoma City National Memorial

3 acres that memorialize 1 minute.

Front of the memorial.

I was less than 10 when Timothy McVeigh attacked the Alfred Murrah building, so unfortunately, I don’t really remember it.

Walking through the front entrance, you see the back of the first gate the front of the second gate…the Gates of Time.

Particularly weird to me is that we just had run a counter-terrorism exercise during a b-school workshop, and one of the suspects was TM – Timothy McVeigh himself.

The first gate – 9:01am.

The view from underneath the first gate, across the asymmetrical memorial.

Coming through the side entrance.

Search for the truth!

I loved the reflection coming from the incredibly shallow pool.

Each chair represents someone that lost their lives during the attack. Each row represents a different floor in the building, and the furthest row in the back represents people outside.

One of the memorials had a recent visitor.

What I found interesting is that they left some of the original building as part of the memorial. This is just along the corner of the monument.


At this point, it truly hit me that each chair represented someone who died after having done nothing besides showing up to work and doing their job.  I mean – I knew that was the case as soon as I walked in, but it wasn’t until this exact moment that I truly felt it in my gut.  I got uncomfortable and depressed, so I decided to leave.

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