Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch

In which I see the effects of boredom.

Created in 1974 by a Texas millionaire named Stanley Marsh 3 (he thought III was too pretentious) and a group of artists named Ant Farm, this piece of ‘art’ consists  of several generations of old Cadillacs sunk into the ground.  Visitors are encouraged to tag the cars with graffiti – littered all over the floor are spray paint you can use to leave your own mark.

The sign that greets you at the entrance.

Someone repurposed the sign. Spray painting the cars is totally legal, and frankly encouraged – there are cans of spray paint just lying all over the place for people to take and use. In fact, the only paint you’ll see on the cars is recent because people keep putting on new coats.

Cadillac Ranch – the general idea.  Basically, it’s just a bunch of old Caddy’s sunk into the ground and covered in spray paint.

People do weird things when they’re bored.

Spray cans are littered about. Some are empty, some are waiting for you to take and add to the art.

I was surprised that some tire tread was still visible. So colorful!

Some girl climbs on one while an older lady starts tagging “Grandma”, haha.

Baby Jack leaves a donation and we’re off to the next stop.

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