Baby Jack

You may have noticed that in a lot of my photos, there’s a tiny stuffed Jack Skellington (from The Nightmare Before Christmas) on the back of my bikes.  It’s all VyVy’s fault.

Over time, some Baby Jack dolls have moved on to other callings, and as such, ‘Baby Jack’ has since evolved into a legend as opposed to specific stuffed figure.  Currently, we’re on Baby Jack the 3rd.

Years ago I had some sort of hybrid lamb/monkey animal on the back of my bike as a joke passenger.

Ignoring the fact that we were never sure what kind of animal it was, Vy thought it was incredibly ugly.  One day at Disneyland, she noticed a miniature Jack Skellington, and “Baby Jack” has been a fixture of my travels ever since.

The first was lost on the 10 freeway after I made the mistake of trying to pack some Gatorade with him.  That loosened up the bungee cord enough that he flew out somewhere on the 10 freeway on the way back from the Grand Canyon.

The second was stolen off the back of my bike at In-N-Out!  Still not sure why someone would do that, but such is life.

Vy took matters into her own hands when it came to Baby Jack the 3rd…

Let’s see where the 3rd goes!

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